Shrimp Feed

Shrimp are widespread and abundant. There are thousands of species adapted to a wide range of habitats. They can be found feeding near the seafloor on most coasts and estuaries, as well as in rivers and lakes. To escape predators, some species flip off the seafloor and dive into the sediment.

Freshwater Feed

Freshwater fish are those that spend some or all of their lives in fresh water, such as rivers and lakes, with a salinity of less than 0.05%. These environments differ from marine conditions in many ways, the most obvious being the difference in levels of salinity. To survive fresh water, the fish need a range of physiological adaptations.

Saltwater Feed

Saltwater fish, also called marine fish, are fish that live in ocean water. Saltwater fish can swim and live alone or live in a large group together, called a school of fish. Saltwater fish are very popular among deep sea fishermen and aquariums all over the country. Saltwater fish are very commonly kept in aquariums for entertainment. Many saltwater fish are also caught to be eaten.

Latest News

AQUA Participated at Dubai's AgraMe

Dubai 5-7 March, 2019: AQUA® International for Food Industries took part at AgraMe held in Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE as an exhibitor. The Egyptian leader in aquafeeds exhibited a broad spectrum of its products and services as this yearly event attracts buyers looking to source the latest products and innovative solutions.

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AQUA Listed in FiS European Union Directory

Cairo, Egypt: AQUA® International for Food Industries has been listed in FIS European Union directory of aquafeed suppliers. The company’s profile is now categorised as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of aquaculture feeds. Online searchers for aquafeed partners can land on our profile via FIS to get more information about our products and services.

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Will plant-based fish food make aquaculture more sustainable?

Replacing fish food with plants may not be as planet-friendly as it seems, according to a new study on the ecological impact of feeding soy and other land-grown crops to farmed seafood. These plant-based feeds are an alternative to, well, other sea creatures, which is what many species like shrimp and salmon eat in the wild. Published in the science journal Sustainability,

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