Catfish is mainly freshwater and coastal fish species, lacking scales, with barbels (whiskers) around its mouth. Mud cats have rayless posterior fins as well as sharp defensive spines. There are now over 3,000 species of catfish covering above 36 families. Hundreds are oftentimes raised by fishkeepers.

Catfish is a promising species for fish farming in Africa, Europe and Asia. Better known as polliwogs, catfish quickly grow and have good market potential. Being omnivorous with air-breathing characteristics makes it perfect for farm-raising. They weigh in excess of 2 pounds when they spawn.

The African catfish is considered to be one of the most important freshwater fishes in many African countries, including Egypt because of its tolerance to poor conditions. It can also adapt to a low-quality diet, while achieving high growth.

AQUA® offers a floating fish feed made of high-class components essential for its growth. The protein levels of AQUA® formula for Catfish are between 40 to 45%.<br> <strong>(African) Catfish [Clarias gariepinus]</strong>

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