A Tilapia fish takes 34 weeks to grow to full size and it is the third most popular used in fish farming after Carp and Salmon. In the wild, it feeds on algae but on farms, corn or soybean meals are its food. The fish survives only in warm waters. Tilapia male has proved more profitable as they grow bigger and more time and energy-efficient.

Tilapia is among those most farmed species in terms of producing countries and the world’s most popular aquaculture species. The Egyptians have been farming these fish for thousands of years while the country ranks first in fish farming.

The Tilapia larvae feeds on their yolk sac after hatching. A higher survival rate is secured providing all fry with an equal opportunity to feed in hatcheries.Fingerlings’ immune system is still fragile demanding more attention. Fully fledged Tilapia growers require ideal nutrition at the right time to optimize growth and feed efficacy.

AQUA® mixes the right ingredients for Tilapia along its farming lifecycle. Our sinking/floating aquafeeds designed especially for Nile Tilapia growers, get protein from both plant-based and animal sources such as soya, corn gluten and fish powder. Its fat comes from fish oil and soya oil. Our protein levels for Tilapia range between 25 to 30%. Water temperature, water quality and the given period of time have an impact on the fish’s growth performance.

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